California Home Health Agency Abuse Lawyer

Home health agencies provide homebound patients with the medical services they need as they recover from an illness or injury. It is not uncommon for claims of abuse or neglect to arise in this setting. If you have such a case, contact a California home health agency abuse lawyer here at Cowdrey Jenkins, LLP.

California Home Health Agency Abuse Lawyer

Claims involving abuse or neglect of an elder by a home health agency are complex and multi-faceted, which is why you simply cannot afford to face such legal matters without the assistance of a knowledgeable California elder abuse lawyer on your side.

Why Cowdrey Jenkins, LLP?

When an instance of alleged abuse occurs, the most important thing you can do is select competent legal representation. The experienced trial attorneys at Cowdrey Jenkins, LLP have dedicated their legal careers solely to litigating elder abuse cases. Our firm understands the various intricacies associated with such claims, and you can count on an experienced California elder abuse lawyer from our firm to effectively handle your case.

Documenting an Incident of Home Health Agency Abuse

A critical part of any adult day health care abuse case is having sufficient documentation of the incident. Caregivers and family members should document potential signs of abuse. Appropriate documentation may include photographs, videos, obtaining witness statements, and reporting the incident to staff at the adult day health care facility, the family, the attending physician, and the Department of Public Health.

Contact a California Home Health Agency Abuse Lawyer

Home health agency abuse claims are extremely complex matters, which is why they should not be handled by anyone other than an experienced California elder abuse lawyer. If you have a serious legal issue involving home health agency abuse, contact a lawyer at Cowdrey Jenkins, LLP today to schedule a consultation.