What are the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in California?

Elder abuse comes in many different forms. Keep reading to learn more about the signs to look for in nursing home abuse and contact our experienced California elder abuse attorneys if you believe your loved one is a victim of abuse or neglect. Our firm is here to help you.

What are the most common signs of nursing home abuse in California?

Nursing home abuse can be difficult to detect, which is why it is important to understand potential warning signs to look out for if your loved ones are in a nursing home. The most common neglect or abuse warning signs in a nursing home are as follows:

  • Complaints of hunger or thirst
  • Unclean drinking water or spoiled food
  • Residents being left to wander the premises, or leave the premises altogether
  • Bedsores
  • Drastic changes in disposition
  • Unexplained cuts or bruises
  • Signs of fear when certain staff members enter the room
  • Possessions mysteriously going missing
  • Unexplained falls
  • Infections

While just one of these signs or symptoms may not always indicate abuse or neglect, it typically does. If you believe that your witnessing an incident of nursing home elder abuse with a close friend or relative, do not wait to contact or firm to help.

How do I report abuse?

Be sure to do everything you can to report the abuse as soon as possible. In California, nursing home abuse can be reported to the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, the Long-Term Care Ombudsman CRISISline at 1-800-231-4024, or your local police department. If you believe your loved one is in immediate danger, notify the nursing home management and call 911. When your loved one is safe, consider speaking with an experienced California elder abuse attorney at Cowdrey Jenkins, LLP. Our firm is here to help you and your loved one during this time.

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