What Should I Do if Home Health Agency Abuse Occurs?

nurse with home health agency

If your elder is homebound and needs certain medical services, then you may elect a home health agency to assist them. However, while it is rare, there has been the occasional report of home health agency abuse occurring. Obviously, this is unacceptable behavior that must be immediately stopped. Read on to discover what you should do when abuse occurs and how a seasoned California home health agency abuse lawyer at Cowdrey & Jenkins LLP can walk you through these steps.

What is a home health agency?

Put simply, a home health agency is supposed to provide your loved one with a wide range of nursing or therapeutic health care services that can be given in the comfort of their home. This option is usually preferred over placing your elder in a nursing home or assisted living facility. The ultimate goal of this service is to treat your elder’s illness or injury, all while allowing them to regain their independence.

What does home health agency abuse look like?

Though it is sad to think about, you must remind yourself that your elder is in a vulnerable position with their home health agency. This is because they may be isolated from you and your other family members and they may become dependent on their care provider. And unfortunately, sometimes care providers take advantage of this situation. With that being said, home health agency abuse can be seen in any of the following ways:

  • Your elder has had to take frequent trips to the hospital for unexplainable injuries.
  • Your elder appears to be unhygienic or malnourished.
  • Your elder’s home appears to be dirty and uncared for.
  • Your elder has exhibited fearful behavior around the care provider.
  • Your elder has checks written out to the care provider.

What if home health agency abuse occurs?

Overall, you must be your elder’s advocate, as they may not be able to speak up or understand the situation for themselves. And so, if you believe that home health agency abuse has occurred, you must immediately report the incident to local law enforcement and/or the California Department of Public Health.

You must also collect appropriate documentation that points to the incident. This may consist of capturing photos and videos of injuries and damages, obtaining witness statements, and providing medical documentation consistent with your allegation, among other things.

Lastly, you must bring justice to this incident by taking legal action against the negligent care provider and/or home health agency. This is where a competent California elder abuse lawyer steps in. Schedule your initial consultation with us to get started on your elder abuse claim today.